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The Cerilli Story

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about who we are and why we do what we do!


Greetings and welcome to Cerillis.


Having grown up in the salon industry (second generation 35 years) is an understatement. Throughout this experience, I have had many opportunities to meet and be of service to many incredible people. Besides skill, techniques, knowledge of current styles, tools, products, and integrity of hair, for me, it's about the relationship the person in my chair has with their hair. Every individual has a unique affinity for their hair, and I am the vessel to help them reach their hair goals.

In my role as managing director, master stylist, and certified Trichologist for the Cerilli family-run business, I have tremendous appreciation for my parents, Tony and Maria Cerilli. Both were trained stylists from Italy, built a successful salon in Vancouver, moved to Richmond Hill and started Cerilli's Hair Salon. Cerilli's Hair Salon in Richmond Hill has been in business for more than 50 years. We make each and every guest feel welcome and enriched in their lives.


The constant research and education we provide sets us apart from others who follow hairstyles that come and go. It's one thing to learn new techniques, but it's the talent and connection we have with our clients that really matter. It's our relationship with our clients that is essential; listening to them and guiding them to their desired look (or an alternative they will love) is our ultimate objective. It is important to know how to execute a trend, but it is more important to understand your hair needs, work with those needs, and exceed your expectations.


Thank you for trusting Cerilli's with your hair and lifestyle.

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