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Loredana Cerilli

Known for her commitment to her clients' needs, Loredana Cerilli is a Master Hair Stylist and Trichologist. With Vidal Sasson training, she began her career in Vancouver, B.C. Almost three decades later, she is now managing director of her family-run business. Her parents, who were trained stylists from Italy, built a very successful salon in Vancouver and moved their family to Richmond Hill. The success of Cerilli's Hair Salon in Richmond Hill continues to grow after 50+ years.

With extensive training and a passion for helping, Loredana has turned hair problems into hair solutions for 16+ years.

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Her Story

Loredana became interested in becoming a trichologist when she realized there was more to hair replacement than just replacing hair. Supporting hair loss and replacement is a specialized service. The passion she felt for finding holistic solutions for her clients led her to seek out more, which led her to train in trichology. There are very few specialists in hair loss and replacement. Loredana knows that emotional distress, anxiety, shame, and isolation accompany hair loss, not just about the loss or the replacement of hair.

Loredana knows the causes and treatments of hair and scalp disorders are often misunderstood, and few clinical practitioners specialize in them. She is top in her field, she leads the way with a holistic approach and focuses not only on her client's hair and scalp but also on their needs and lifestyle wants.

The Tip of What Loredana Offers Her Clients:


  • Tricology specializes in the science and structure, function and diseases of the human hair and scalp. As a hair loss specialist, my service includes;

  • Assessing and determining the causes of hair fall

  • Hair breakage, thinning

  • miniaturization of hairs

  • diseases of the scalp

  • The most important recommendation for treatment is according to reason.


"I'm always looking for new clients and opportunities to help them live their best life. Let's connect." Loredana


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