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Hair Replacement, Hair Loss, Alopecia Solutions & in Richmond Hill, GTA, ON

Cerilli Beauty Centre - Experts in Addressing Alopecia & Hair Thinning

Are you experiencing any of the following alopecia areata, alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis, balding patches, rapid shedding of hair over a short period?


At CBC we provide medical-grade hair replacement for men, women and children experiencing hair loss. We have partnered with CRLab offering the most advanced hair replacement system available. Every detail is customized to each guest's unique needs, resulting in the most realistic-looking hair.

Loredana has extensive hair knowledge and skill, so the two combined create the hair of your dreams.

"I love working with CRLab! As an artist, I have no limits to what I can create. Amazing custom colours, textures and silhouettes, truly a masterpiece. The best part of my day is when guests message me "I love my hair, thank you."


If you're ready to start living your life without compromise, book your consultation with Loredana today!

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Consultation Process

Our consultations begin with evaluating your current hair colour/style and your desired outcome.

Before we begin , we will ask you how often you would like to commit to maintaining your style/ colour. This is important because we've all had a beautiful look leaving a salon, and when we get home we realize it doesn't look that way again until the next time we go to the salon. We are all about what's real, and the conversation needs to start with your ideal maintenance, budget, and hair health.

Photos are beautiful, and we do request them for inspiration, but they are just that one moment in time. We want your hair to look amazing from all angles, all the time including when you're the one styling it at home.

We call this consultation process Finding your Hair IQ.

The right shade and style exists for everyone but fitting it into your lifestyle in a realistic and manageable way is our job. 


Consultation fee $50 

This fee will end up going towards any service performed at our salon  must be paid when appointment is booked. 

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