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Studio Photography of a Model

Precision Haircuts & Hairstyles in Richmond Hill, GTA, ON

Elevate Your Look at Cerilli Beauty Centre

Experience the artistry of our stylists & discover a haircut that flatters your features.

At CBC all our stylists are precision cut trained and continue to master their craft on a regular basis at all hair textures and density. 

We work with your hair type creating a flattering silhouette that doesn’t just look great when you leave CBC, even as it grows out it still looks fabulous. All precision cut services includes a comfortable relaxing wash with gluten free, paraben free, cruelty free, nut free product and gourmet organic cappuccino or tea


  • Hot tools are an additional $5 to $10

  • Longer hair $95 and up

Hair Styling

  • This service is for creating body and lift with very little curl

  • This service is for creating a defined curl pattern

  • This is a service for longer hair lengths creating a long spiral curl ...

  • This is a formaldehyde free service great for controlling frizz by %90...

  • Starting at $85 and up

Blow Outs

Consultation Process

Our consultations begin with evaluating your current hair colour/style and your desired outcome.

Before we begin , we will ask you how often you would like to commit to maintaining your style/ colour. This is important because we've all had a beautiful look leaving a salon, and when we get home we realize it doesn't look that way again until the next time we go to the salon. We are all about what's real, and the conversation needs to start with your ideal maintenance, budget, and hair health.

Photos are beautiful, and we do request them for inspiration, but they are just that one moment in time. We want your hair to look amazing from all angles, all the time including when you're the one styling it at home.

We call this consultation process Finding your Hair IQ.

The right shade and style exists for everyone but fitting it into your lifestyle in a realistic and manageable way is our job. 


Consultation fee $50 

This fee will end up going towards any service performed at our salon  must be paid when appointment is booked. 

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