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BFF Really Stands for Blowout Foil Fringe

I know a lot about people, not because I ask a lot of questions, but because people share a lot with me. I was once at a wedding of a client, sitting at a table with a few other clients, when a man I’d never met announced, “Gentlemen, this woman (pointing at me) knows everything about us!” He was right. As a hairstylist, I always knew my clients valued me, but during this pandemic I have been so humbled to find out just how big a part of their lives I am. The relationship you share with your stylist should be a strong one. I mean, who else is going to talk you out of cutting bangs after a break up!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love me a great fringe, but I know the difference between a request and a regret.

I have had clients come to me because their stylist sent them, (now that’s a great stylist!) knowing that they could no longer help their clients’ thinning hair issues, or they send them to me during their chemotherapy sessions. I can never understand why some people don’t have a regular stylist, or why they hop around between stylists. The thing is, doing hair is like a recipe: the more you do, the better it gets. Most importantly, my relationship with my clients allows me to know their hair and its limitations, and that’s precisely why having a regular hairstylist is so important. For example, I can, with confidence, talk them out of Kim Kardashian’s overnight black to platinum hair (plus, IT’S A WIG!!!!!). That being said, this does not mean that I don’t promote change. To the contrary, I love education, and I’m big on sharing the newest trends. However, I’m not interested in compromising the integrity of the hair. That is my mantra. Some of my clients have been blessed with super resilient hair, and some just smell the bleach and break off. This doesn’t mean that this luck lasts forever. I mean, there are always stories of that one time you got bangs without scissors. Experience, knowledge and, most of all, consistency are key components in successful hair services. If you have that hairstylist that delivers hair goals on a regular basis and is against you bleaching out your hair, keep them, cherish them and, most importantly, listen to them. I’d like to share with you some of the messages I get from my clients: “First, I wanted to tell you how GREAT my hair is looking these days!!! It looks full and lush and I just love the cut and color!!! It’s actually holding up really well!! Thank you so much!! Makes me soooo happy to have my hair looking good again!! I truly credit you with that!!!” L.L -- “I hope you know your value, and how much you mean to me? You are a diamond in the rough.” R.S -- “Where the hell are you? I can’t look at myself anymore… you realize what a big part of my life you are?” V.L -- As the uncertainty of this pandemic holds the future of my business in its hands and causes me much grief, stress, and fear, I read my many messages and give thanks, and pray that this ends soon so that I can once again see all my BFFs again, and we can continue our special relationship. Now, I invite you to start that special relationship of your own. Call me at my salon at (905) 508-9400, or click here to get in touch with me online. The first step to this new relationship starts with you. Xoxo, L

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